Here’s everything you need to know about logistic parks

By Akanksha Sharma |24 February, 2020

Learn more about the logistical organization and management functions.

Logistic parks are Industrial areas or defined areas for activities relating to transport, logistics and the distribution of goods which can be regional, national and/or international transit, and carried out by various operators. Owners or occupants of buildings and facilities (warehouses, break-bulk centres, storage areas, offices, car parks, etc.) are generally the operators. Logistics Park is centred in the areas of logistics operations. Logistics parks have a specific scale as the size determines the facilities, functions, and services that are possible to carry.

The contemporary logistics park has two chief functions:

● The logistics organization

● The logistics management functions

Why logistic parks?

➔ Now with Logistics Parks, the shippers can plan out their inventories without any hindrance.
➔ The requirements of demand and supply are being met on time.
➔ Logistics Parks can prove to be a huge success if they are located in the industrial belts, and near airports, ports, and ICDs.
➔ They pave the route for other industries like equipment suppliers, construction companies, consultants, and trucking companies
➔ The logistics parks offer a larger amount of space for storing goods and products. They are larger and better managed than common warehouses.
➔ The logistics parks are also suitably connected through all the essential means of transportation. These parks are more concentrated in urban places and thus further connected with shipping and transferring of goods.
➔ With mediators being eliminated or marginalized due to streamlining the supply chain in India, goods movement has become more cost-efficient.
➔ They improve environmental quality by reducing the number of trucks on roads.
➔ Logistics Park offers a strategic location with good road, rail, and air connectivity. Logistics Parks have wide roads which are sufficient for the free flow of two way traffic during the day and night.
➔ They promote economic development by attracting businesses and generating employment
➔ The area is available for multiple customers and commerce for future expansion.
➔ Ample truck and office parking space.
➔ The highly secured area with required security arrangements.
➔ Mingled park management for general maintenance, landscaping, security & waste control.
➔ State-of-the-art warehousing & cold storage facilities.
➔ They promote growth expectations in freight
➔ For amenities like banking, insurance, office space, accommodation, catering, and other services facilities.
➔ Connectivity with ports & Inland Container Depot (ICD).
➔ Whether you are looking for logistics space on a lease or creating a new space, make sure you choose developers that provide global expertise and a vast network; latest designs and technologies for efficient, custom-built facilities.